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DIY Monster Beverage Stirrers
As part of a collab with @MarshallEdgar, (and since all the retail stores are busy readying their shelves with Halloween stuff), here is a fun diy to play up your cocktail drinks this Fall! And when I say monster, not only are these monster size, but they look monster-like with teeth and eyeballs! What kinds of spooky cocktails can you come up with for these guys?
Don't be afraid to make these for non-alcoholic drinks for the kids!


Fun candy
Creepy candy
As you can see from the photo, these are impossibly easy to make. The only instruction for this is to pierce the candies through with the skewers and stack them with different candies. Of course, it's always good to keep them a anatomically correct, with teeth on the bottom and eyes on top. But use your own imagination!
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