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so I woke up to see that my Yongguk posted something on twitter. since I don't really understand Korean yet..i can probably read it though. I just wouldn't understand what I'm saying XD well back to the subject. I read the translated version. and I'm wondering if my Gukkie actually wrote it himself and not the company.... I hope it is from him since Youngjae retweeted the tweets... so hopefully Yongguk wrote it himself.!!! #BAPisBACK #BAP
my loves.!! (*^3^)/~♡
Just wanted to add these because they look so good.!!! DaeJae.!! ♥♥♥
feels!!! :'(:'(:'( :'):'):') I am so happy they stood strong together and they will returns BABYz and BAP are truly FAMILY to me♡♡♡
I can't wait for BAP's comeback! I can't wait to see my Zelo performing again! BAP fighting!
OMG.!!!! me neither.!!!! I'm so happy.!!!! I can't wait.!!! \( ̄▽ ̄;)/ @StephanieDuong
Ahhhhhh!!! I still don't know how to feel right now. lol. xD
@mandapanda723 OMG yes.!!!! that's what I call a team.!! I love them with all my heart.!!!