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Jerry Seinfeld is one of my favorite comedians.
He's a long-time and one of the most famous Mets fans and is always making jokes about the team, because - hey - that's how we Mets fans operate. Cynics to the bone, the lot of us.
When Cespedes had just joined the team about two weeks ago, Seinfeld tweeted at him, shown above.

Cespedes was a little busy being a New York superstar, so it took some pushing for him to pay any attention to Jerry.

Then, yesterday, Jerry gave it another shot. Check out the exchange above, in two separate photos.

I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED whether or not Cubans enjoy their namesake sandy.

Now we know. Let's see if we can get this exchange on film somehow. Cespedes is a big, strong dude and Seinfeld is... not. But I bet Jerry could break him down with his wit!
Maybe the two could meet at Tom's Restaurant for old time's sake? Would Jerry let Yoenis sit in George's seat?
Comedians and Baseball Players in Comedians' Cars Getting Coffee and Cuban Sandwiches @LauraFisher
This guy's not a comedian but I'm all for him going on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, they might just have to change the name a little....Cespedes in Cars Getting Cubans? That doesn't exactly work's close!
Yeah that rolls off the tongue for sure @jeff4122
well let me start practicing before it's too late then! haha @jeff4122
hahah @jordanhamilton you might have to establish yourself as a multi-million dollar baseball player before you get that kind of privilege :)
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