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So there's been a lot of talk about weight and how people look as far as the term beauty comes to mind. Well I'm here to tell you that no matter what your size your still beautiful! "We only have one body, love the one your in!" Because we are all beautiful and we should let someone bring us down and tell us we're not. I know, I know this sounds like I'm all talk and no bite . . . well think again! I'm going to show you how beautiful I am and how beautiful the people i admire the most are and tell me if you see the difference in beauty. Because I sure don't!
First up if my friend and role model Ania Chanelle! I've know her for almost 2 years now and watching her grow as a high fashion model makes my heart sore with each passing day! She has been in magazines and rock the run way with her own look and style and I love it. Not only is she beautiful on the out side but on the inside as well! That heart of gold sometimes makes me wanna cry *sniffles* ANYWAY!!! LOL If you notice she has a great figure and shes very healthy. So what does that have to do with difference in size? Well take a look at me for instance . . .
I have bumps, pimples, scares and bruises, not to mention I weigh a little more than the average person does. But to me I look beautiful and will rock any look I can to show off what I got! Being told I'm not as beautiful as other people is just down right wrong and I wont accept that as long as I live!! Another person to stand up for herself is the awesome and most inspiring Tess Holliday!
She's also been one of the greatest inspiration of my life!! with the #EffYourBeautyStandards she has taken beauty to another level and shown it to the world as one of the first plus size models to ever hit the magazines!! So You know what love who you are!! . . . .Still not convinced? watch the video below and tell me what you think after that!
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just be happy and healthy and kind to others and no matter what size or shape your body is, you are beautiful