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Yesterday I posted a card with NSFW fic prompts and I promised I would do one of my own. This is the prompt I chose:
2. It's summer time and your OTP are both at home. The air conditioner is broken and it's too hot for clothes...
And the OTP I picked for this challenge is: Peggie and Angie aka Cartinelli from Agent Carter.
If you hadn't picked up on this already, NSFW = Not Safe For Work. I didn't take the prompt to the most extreme of options (I'd say it's PG-13), but this is your warning. Turn back now! I won't be offended. ^_^

Title: And The Living is Easy

"I'm swooning. This is what swooning is like, right?"
"I haven't the faintest idea, Angie."
A tired groan is the only response Peggy gets. Angie has been fanning herself for the last half hour. Peggy knows because the clock is ticking just above her desk, and she's been staring vacantly down at the file in front of her for even longer. The heat is making her head fuzzy.
"That's it English!"
Peggy hears Angie stand up behind her. She doesn't startle when slender hands land on her shoulders. Angie leans to whisper in Peggy's ear, the subtle scent of her perfume momentarily masking the humid smell of the over-heated city.
"It's too hot for all these clothes."
Peggy hides the little shudder that goes through her every time Angie's lips are so close to her ear.
"A moment ago you were swooning."
Angie tugs at Peggy's collar, pressing kisses against her neck.
"And now I'm in the mood for dancing."
"Oh, dancing is it?" Peggy doesn't help her. "Are you sure that's the word you're looking for?
But Angie's already found the spot that makes her gasp, just a few inches from her shoulder. Peggy can't hold it in anymore. The stiff upper lip only carries one so far. And after all, the war is over.
And when Peggy wants to, she can move fast. She rises gracefully and flips them over, so she's leaning over Angie, who needs to support herself on the desk to stay upright. Angie's skin is glowing in the muted summer light. Her chest is rising with every breath and Peggy just wants to kiss her over and over and over again. She can feel the heat rising from Angie's skin as she leans down.
"See English?" Angie whispers. "Just like dancing."

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing!

And @VixenViVi @DetkaN @NinjaGirlEmber @KatieWarren and anyone else doing the prompt, I look forward to seeing what you do!
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