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(This was how my mom was)
Reality (noticed how one wanted to escape the plate? Tsk, I have Jongkook on my side!)
It wasn't as good as I thought. Unless if you take small bites, then you'd love it LOL! I'll just eat ddeok...I failed and my excitement faded away... ㅠㅠ
I love the way Maangchi cooks, it makes my mouth watery. Although I lacked kelp and myeolchi (forgot the English name for it) to make the broth but I just used water. So, yeah...I definitely failed so....I'll just have to wait to go to the motherland ^_^
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you can buy the sauce at the Asian market in a jar. I tried it, but I am not a big fan of rice cake.
@JackieMurrayCab I did buy it. But I think I put too much
everyone loves Maangchi lol ..... and i tried ddeokbokki before, it was super spicyyy but it was good lol.... and this one looks good too :)
@edwinb94 I've tried it before too and it was spicy haha. But like I said, it LOOKS good but it's not lol. Don't be deceived by it's looks XP
@edwinb94 I think what I messed up on was the sauce cuz it was an explosion of spiciness and sweetness but it was odd compared to the ones I ate before