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okay guys so this is part 2 of my opinion on bts. I will be doing the last 3 jin, V, and J-hope. Again I'm not an Army member. (sorry for not having HD pics)
J-hope. The Joker. he's goofy but not hyper like Jimin. he's always doing gags and having everyone join in. he's the lead prankster. He's very out going and confident.
V. in the first post I said that kookie was the ideal bf, but the truth is that it's kookie and V. V is so sweet and well mannered. He's a true gentleman. Kookie may be cute, but V has the manners of a true husband. I also don't understand his Nick name blank tae, he makes many different faces.
Jin. I feel he's everyone's least favorite. he's very quiet and reserved. he's the one I see and hear about the least. He's a bit feminine, like he likes to cook, (according to J-hope he's Good at it too) but that Just means that his future GF doesn't have to work as much. he seems like a bit of a home body. so lots of cuddles. He's a family man
so Thoes are the last ones. please tell me your bias and why. I might be modifying these posts as I learn more about them.
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where is part 1 😭