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Meet My Clique

Park Jungmin What can I say? I love horses. In all seriousness, Jungmin and I actually have a lot in common. I can picture having a night in drinking wine and wearing toe-socks while being overly sarcastic about the day's events. Jungmin and I would be so close that people would think we're roommates because we would have rooms at the others place (when you're spending a night in drinking wine, it's not that safe to drive home).
Tablo would be my muse (for lack of a better word). We would grab coffee while I bounce ideas off of him. He would be my biggest critic, he would not be afraid to tell me what I'm doing wrong, and he'd do anything in his power to make sure I don't get discouraged.
Kim Kyujong would be my rock. He'd know when to cheer me up, when to let me cry it out, and he'd know when I'd need a hug. He'd help me work through my problems and let me vent. I can also imagine that he gives the best hugs.
Andy would find himself in a gray area. He'd be that friend who makes really inappropriate jokes then facepalm because he would suddenly remember that not only is he talking about the inappropriate subject with a girl, but a girl that is 13-14 years younger than he is.
Min would be the best sleep over buddy. We would dance, talk, and eat all of the food while marathoning our favorite shows and videos.
Eun Ji Won would be that friend who would scare the crap out of some guy because they made you upset or act like your boyfriend when you get unwanted attention at the bar or club, but when others aren't around, he's a teddy bear mixed with a preteen in a 37 year old mans body. He's totally funny and playful and you can't pass up a friendship like that.
Seungri would be that friend who cracks on you constantly. He would put you in awkward situations and wait until the very last second to end it just to see how you act. But despite that, he will still be the best friend he can be and love you like a bratty brother.
Amber! I've been obsessed with Amber for a few years now. First of all, we're both a little boyish, we feel most comfortable with short hair, even though we try to grow it out every now and then, we always go back. We're also similar in age, we both identify with animals, and we both like making friends (even though Amber is way more social than I am).
Last but not least is Heo Youngsaeng! We are both shy, we love sports, we're obsessed with taking selfies, we're both awkward at times, and we're determined and competitive. He'd by my husband and my best friend.
Thank you for reading this clusterf***, I know I should really draft these out so I don't end up just writing nonsense. Thank you to @AimeeH for tagging me! And to @kpopandkimchi for making this insanely fun challenge!
@kpopandkimchi thank you! I feel the exact same way! If it wasn't for his attitude in Thank You For Waking Me Up, I probably wouldn't even be a fan of SS501.
I love this!! I feel like Jungmin doesn't get enough love and he really deserves it. He seems like a genuinely good guy!
Seungri would troll you to the max lol
@Taijiotter! I love it!! ^~^ You are very welcome dear!!!
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