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The cousin to the culotte has been given a bad rap, and I'm starting to wonder why.

Throw out your associations of bermuda shorts being dowdy, awkward, and tacky. The style has been around far longer than their short-lived stint as rainbow plaid and madras pairs worn by preteens nationwide, and it's best we forget that period entirely. Why are bermuda shorts the enemy? They're much more appropriate and chic than tiny cutoffs, but still so many of us avoid the style like the plague, myself included.
Kristen Stewart stepped out in New York City the other day wearing the chicest schoolboy look that made me think about a style I so often shy away from, the bermuda short. With the cropped boxy blouse and Chanel loafers, her look was just sexy enough to keep from being frumpy, but looked like officewear so many of us would love to pull off.
Forget the madras bermudas you wore in middle school; the chicest way to pull off this style is with a simple black or navy pair, with a top in black, white, grey, or another neutral to avoid those rainbow madras associations.
What makes a bermuda? These knee-length shorts should fit close to the leg and hang straight. A hit of an a-line and a below-the-knee cut will make these shorts culottes, the ever-trendy style that's experienced a major revival in the past couple months.
If Opening Ceremony put a pair of these shorts down the runway, they must be worth a try. The label that exudes cool had a point in rethinking a style that's so commonly hated.
We got over a fear of birkenstocks.
We got over a fear of turtlenecks.
We're getting over a fear of culottes.

So what about the bermuda?