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Sure, middle school dances were awkward, but who could resist getting their groove on to the booty-shaking rhythms of Sean Paul? Relive those sweaty moments in a dark gymnasium with these classic 2000's tunes. I don't know about you, but they definitely make me look back on the awkward days of sporting braces and Aeropostale with a little more fondness.
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"Turn Me On" – Kevin Lyttle

Can't tell you why this song popped into my head about an hour ago and inspired me to write this card... but it did. That just demonstrates the power of Kevin Lyttle and his magical musical gift.

"Get Busy" – Sean Paul

This is the song they would play to get everybody out there on the dance floor. Oh, they're breaking out the Sean Paul? It's time to JAM.
Girls in Abercrombie jean skirts would try to body roll. 13-year-olds would awkwardly try to grind with each other. It was a beautiful time.

"Temperature" – Sean Paul

Middle school could get pretty cold at times, but at least Sean Paul had the right temperature to shelter you from the storm. I spent a lot of time waving my skinny arms around to this song. It's maybe the quintessential middle school dance anthem, and the perfect tune to get everybody bumpin'.

"Hollaback Girl" – Gwen Stefani

GWEN <3 You taught me to be a badass before that word was even part of my vocabulary.
None of us were hollaback girls in 7th grade, and we most certainly wouldn't tolerate them in our presence. Hell, I'll still smack a hollaback girl if I see one. Their sh*t is bananas.

"1, 2 Step" – Ciara ft. Missy Elliott

Remember when everything was automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh? What about when rappers thought it was cool to end everything with izzle? If this doesn't transport you back to that time, nothing will.

"Pon de Replay" – Rihanna

Oh my god. Remember when Rihanna looked like this? It seems like so long ago. Pon de Replay might have been my favorite dance jam back then. I distinctly remember knowing (and singing along to) the line "It goes 1 by 1 even 2 by 2, everybody on the floor let me show you how we do." That might have been the only line I knew, but still.

"Me and You" – Lifehouse

SLOW DANCE TIME! Always the moment that filled middle school me with the most anxiety. To make eye contact with your crush, or not to make eye contact with your crush? Would they think you were weird and gross if you stared at them? Would they come over? What would you do if they did?? It was a hard time for everyone, I think. And if you were killing it at the middle school dances, well... f*ck you.

"Sugar We're Going Down" – Fall Out Boy

Oh my god. I'm so embarrassed that even today, I can sing along to every single word of this song. The first time I ever got asked out, it was by a boy who loved this song. Needless to say, I've been obsessed ever since.

"Just the Girl" – The Click 5

Wait a minute. Wait just a minute. Remember The Click 5??!!? They were totally a thing!! Can't believe I completely forgot about them... brings me right back to the glory days of Christy Carlson Romano.
Okay, you know what? This was the most fun thing ever. So I am going to tag a few of my Vingle friends to do the same!
@LizArnone @Gavriella @skee292 @jordanhamilton and anyone else who is down for the challenge – I would LOVE to hear your middle school dance throwback jams playlist! What did you groove to between 2003-2007? Post the songs in a card and be sure to tag me!
Love this card!!! I was in high school during these years, but I was really heavy into boy bands like B2K & B5 A LOT!
Omg hahahahaah Temperature is one of those songs that make me laugh whenever I think about it. SO BAD IT'S GOOD.
Hahah @sarahmoss you're not old!! I'm just a youngin... 23 years and counting. I'm sure you have life wayyy more figured out than i do at this point XD Yay I'm glad @Gavriella!! And I'll go check it out now @skee292 :D
Apologies in advance for this being so late. Here is mine!
You nailed down my faves, @allischaaff! I would just add "Juliet" by LMNT as one song I was obsessed with in middle school. That, and some early Usher!
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