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Leader: Jang Dong Gun He has all of the qualities you need from a good leader. He's a trendsetter, and he just has this cool vibe to him!
Dancer: Rain Shhhh... Just watch the video
Rapper: So Ji Sub Respect my authoritah and watch the video.
Vocal: Alex That voice though!! Who doesn't love Clazziquai?
Maknae: Yeo Jin Goo He's average idol age I guess... I just like to listen to him talk.. I also REALLY want that shirt..
4D: Jang Keun Suk I think this picture is pretty self explanatory.
Visual: Kim Woo Bin Uhhhhh. What's going on? I'm sorry, I've just lost myself in his face. Hey, Woo Bin, I lost my number, can I have yours?
Name: (it's so good, wait for it.) Okay, are you ready? You need to sit down because it's that amazing. Are you sitting down? Come on! I want to see butts in chairs. Good. The name is New Aged Media Example Or NAME for short. Told you it was great, I should trademark that!
Thanks to the lovely @poojas for tagging me, this was a lot of fun! Pssst... If you like this, please check out this card! ( https://www.vingle.net/posts/995239?isrc=v )
@poojas haha. It's a good thing. It means you give me good ideas that take over my brain.
@Taijiotter Why don't you start with photoshopping them into a group?
@Taijiotter AHHH catching the Dory is the worst. Hahaha. I'd be the #2 fangirl screaming next to you:D
@poojas thanks, I cracked myself up with that, I came up with one yesterday that was even better, but I caught the Dory and can't think of it. Lol I'm glad you like it! I'd so be their number 1 fangirl And sorry about that, I fixed it!
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