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I've been single for five years -- I can't say I'm happy, but I can't say I'm sad. Let's just say I'm satisfied.

Like any other single person I have my moments where I embrace all my singleness and then my moments where I sulk in the corner because I wish I was cuddled up with a nice handsome man with a beard. That's life and I've come to embrace it. I find myself constantly having random thoughts throughout the day -- whether I'm in the house, on the subway, at work or just walking down the street. Don't worry, the thoughts are both clean and sane. Okay, maybe just sane -- but who are you to judge? No. I'm kidding. I just have a wandering mind sometimes and I feel like being single just adds a little bit more fuel to the fire.
On a daily basis I see so many handsome guys and my hormones go into pre-teen overload. Just think of every young girl in the world when N'Sync and B2K were up and coming. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. If you're single than you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. Every attractive person you see immediately creates a story in your mind. Don't worry, I know you want to know what thoughts I have on a daily basis -- so without further ado, I now grant you access into the mind of a single woman living in the city.

Gosh, He Has Amazing Lips

The first thought that went through my mind when I was sitting in the restaurant on W 23rd and Broadway eating lunch scoping out the guy licking his lips after scarfing down a succulent meal.

I Wonder If He's Single Or Married?

While I stand on at the cross walk beside a man reminiscent of an angel, I can't help but gaze at his face than glance down at his left hand to see if he's married. Nope. Check mate!

That Must Be His Daughter

"That can't possibly be his girlfriend, that has to be his daughter", I say to myself in my head while walking down the street seeing the most beautiful man ever with a girl that looks half his age. He should be with me. They can't possibly be together.

They're So Cute Together. I Want That.

Every attractive couple you see walking down the street together. You can't help but sulk, smile and wish that was you and your imaginary significant other. No rush, in due time.

I Should Get Up And Sit Beside Him

Riding the same way and I notice an attractive guy sitting in a seat with an empty seat on both sides of him. It crosses my mind to get up and sit beside him, but how awkward would that be? I get up and find myself sitting right back down when an elderly lady and her elderly friend take both of the seats. So much for sparking up random conversation.

It's Always The One I'm Not Into

Every single time someone finally approaches you, but it's not someone you would be interested in looks wise. You decide to exchange numbers to see if their personality outweighs their looks, but it's just as wack. Same story, different day.

Don't judge me. We've all had these thoughts as single women at least once -- haven't we? Ladies, back me up on this one.