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The Staten Island Yankees looked to honor Detectives Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos with a “Blue Lives Matter” event at the stadium.
The team wanted to call attention to the families of police officers who have been killed on the job. In order to get fans involved, the team gave away "Blue Lives Matter" wristbands to everyone who attended a Yankees game against the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Problem was, they picked an unfortunate day to hold the event.

Whoever arranged the event failed to notice that Sunday, August 9 was the one-year anniversary of the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael Holley, the S.I. Yankees senior director of marketing, explained the team's decision to do it in an email sent to The Root yesterday:
"We put a lot of thought into whether or not to hold this promotion when Blue Lives Matter originally approached us. We try our best to accurately represent the interests of our community, and this issue is so divisive that it seemed like people wanted us to draw a line in the sand. But the more we thought about it, it came to down to this: Blue Lives Matter is an organization that supports the families of those who have been killed in action. I can’t pretend for a minute to understand who is right and who is wrong when something like that happens, but I DO know that families should NOT have to suffer. And for that reason, anyone who wants our help in raising resources to help those in need in our community will always have our ear."
I’m comfortable with the decision to support an organization that helps those in need, and I will continue to seek opportunities for the Staten Island Yankees to do so in the future.
Personally, I think the “Blue Lives Matter” promotion was a good idea. With that being said, doesn't anyone with the S.I. Yankees own a calendar?
I know this is an oversight, but the timing of this event couldn’t have been worst by this team. For the Public Relations team to set this promotion up and miss this is unreal.
Maybe it’s best they run the dates for events next year through google to make sure the timing is perfect.
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This is a pretty tough one to swallow. Right idea, horrible execution. I guess the event planners have to go through the minors and show their quality just like the ballplayers do hahah