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Since I started this collaboration with @MarshallEdgar I really wasn't too involved in the cocktails community (or any of the other alcoholic drink communities). Even though I am not much of a big drinker, and many of you know this already about me, I would like to get more involved as there are many Vinglers that I haven't really met or talked to.
In hopes that this excites you to rev up your cocktail scene, here are some chic ways to DIY your bar cart to get the party moving in the right direction.
*All images from HGTV.
1. For starters, you need to have a bar cart. And while you may already have a dedicated bar area, having a cart gives you freedom to move the cocktailing anywhere you want in your home, like the balcony of a condo or poolside.
2. Glassware. Besides the shot glass and bartending tools of mixing drinks, you need to have enough glasses (and appropriate glasses) for the amount of people and types of drinks you'll be making.
3. Setting the scene. It's not enough to have a well-stocked bar; you need some atmosphere to bring it to life. Consider the backdrop or wall or visuals behind and around the cart. Does it inspire? Is it fun? Is it quirky? Mostly, does it create a jovial sense of drinking and having fun?
4. Romance and nostalgia. Cocktail recipes have been modernized and even names for the same drink come and go, but the basics to a good martini will always stand. If you're more about authentic recipes and your more inclined to make the classics from eras gone by, allow your cart to reflect that.
5. Color coordinate. Feeling the need to explore other drinks? Monochromatizing the look of the bar cart, whether it be blue, black or yellow, can be a striking visual from across the room. It can lead your quests to explore other drinks they may have never considered before.
6. Wooden carts are chic. There's a masculinity that comes from the strength and durability of wooden bar carts. Bar carts with wooden tops tend to be the perfect station when creating artisian cocktails. It's a great way to demo drinks and take pictures.
7. Decor. Remember, your cocktail bar cart is a piece of furniture. Therefore, it should be as beautiful and functional as a chair or sofa. Make it uniquely you, according to your style. These carts can also double-duty as a serving cart for treats like rum cakes and Kahlua cookies.
This has been a fun collaboration with @MarshallEdgar. You can see his cocktail collection here. For more style tips and diy happenings, please click here.
@DaniaChicago Love!! All my new apartment is missing is an awesome bar cart. These examples are so cute - particularly love the idea of going with wood
I really love the hand sculpture in the last photo. So funky and cute.