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VIXX Video Series/GIVEAWAY Announcement
I'm back to making videos!!! In light of my return and my (hopefully) awesome/new approach to video-making, I'm announcing another giveaway! Stay tuned for more details :)

First video of the series is here. There may be a giveaway hidden in the video :D

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@GoldenV @lamrotamrot @thisismylife @StephanieDuong @RochelleDiamond @jiggzy19 @KpopGaby @AgentLeo !!!
@kpopandkimchi Thanks for the tag. The first video I actually saw for Vixx was Voodoo doll~it got me into Vixx. I admit I too prefer Bad ass Vixx, but I really love Only U
VIXX! I got into VIXX after watching Eternity. But I do have to say, I LOVE watching how much they changed since their debut. To me, VIXX can pull off anything. Even if they are wearing trash bags. Lol. xD @kpopandkimchi thanks for the tag! :D