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On August 11, 1965 a black motorcyclist was pulled over by a policeman that lead to a roadside argument. Which then led to one of the biggest protests in American history. Buildings were burned, stores were looted, 34 people were killed, and there was over $40 million dollars worth of damage.
Because of racial tension and outrage.

50 years later...

protestors gather again in the streets of Ferguson. Demonstrators join together to protest the first anniversary of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. There is rioting in the streets, anger and frustration over the police and race relations. There are 20 more arrests.
Protesting the same thing.
This parallel in American history shows one thing: this is not over yet.
The issue of race relations and the police force is still prevalent, and it's even showing up in similar ways. Racism still exists. We all know that. And its causing quite a bit of anger and despair. Why else would thousand --scratch that, millions of people focus their efforts in protesting this problem? Because it matters. Because Black Lives Matter.
It did then, and it does now.