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I'm back guys!! I'm sorry I was gone for almost week. I was gone at the beach getting all sunburnt and stuff. And also cramming my AP assignment. But that's school, no one wants to hear about that! (・ω・)ノ Anyway! I'm here to present something fun for you to check out! My birthday is February 19th, and apparently I share the same day with Hwang Inseok, the leader of SHU-I as well as Jeong Hoyoung, a Korean actress who I have actually never heard of before. My point being... You never know what kind of Korean stars share the same birthday as you, so go find out! You may be surprised!
My birthday is also incredibly close to Chwe Hansol, a member of Seventeen! He was literally born one day before me! Same year and everything! Like less than 24 hours apart! Σ(・□・;)
I share my birthday with....PSY -_______- LOL
I share my birthday with Yugyeom from Got7 & Sungje from Super Nova!!! Don't think I have heard of Super Nova before :)
my bday twin is jung ah from after school. bday is August 2nd
@kpopandkimchi December 31st eh?