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For all the wine lovers out there (and my crafters too), here is a cute DIY that makes use of all those wine corks that you may have tossed in the passed. You can also find bags of these online or at your favorite craft store.
Put them to good use by making your own bulletin board. Add some paint if you like and you have a framed piece of art that doubles as a message board for friendly reminders.

Supplies Needed:

12" x 12" shadow box
175 corks (approximately)
super glue (or E6000)
paint (optional)
push pins (if you don't already have some)
1. Before you begin, you may want to spray paint the shadow box any color that fits with your decor. Most come in white like this one here.
2. Using permanent adhesive, like E6000, begin gluing the tips of the corks and glue into place. Start in one corner and work in straight lines.
3. For added durability, use a little glue on the sides of the corks to keep them attached to each other, even if they lose their attachment to the box.
4. Apply paint to the faces of the corks if you like. Rather than paint them all, limit it to just a handful to keep it interesting.
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This is cool :)