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I survived!

Somehow I got through the first day of school. Thank goodness I'm a senior and I have enough credits to take only five classes. I finally understand what noona fans go through. This year's freshmen are really cute (except for the ones who haven't gone through puberty yet) but they're too young for me. It seems like every year has cute guys but 2K16...
This is how I felt walking out to my car earlier
so glad im old (23) lol all I have to worry about is working :P
thanks! suga is me pretty much every day though
lmao the gif of Jackson & then the relatable Suga xD good luck with this school year tho!
I just realized that I accidentally put in memes that I was saving for another card (~>__<~)
if they had boys like gukky at my school i would never miss a day ever
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