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Looking to breathe NEW LIFE into old books? This is a cute and fun way to upcycle without destroying books just for the sake of it. So, before we begin, I just want to be clear that I am not advocating for the destruction of books.
However, if you come across books that are ruined or that cannot be salvaged, then give it some life by transforming it into something else. In a previous card I showed you how to turn a book into a secret hiding place. You can see that project by clicking here.

Supplies Needed:

2 books with 1" spines
2 thin metal bookends
1x6 board or a board of another dimension to fit your book
super glue
craft blade

Step One:

Use a sharp craft blade or razor to cut away the contents of the book from its spine.

Step Two:

Wrap the book spine around your lumber to mark where to cut the lumber. I left about a 1/8" gap at the top to achieve a more realistic book effect.

Step Three:

Cut the board to the length you marked. If you don't have a saw at home, you can do this at the lumber yard. They will make cuts for you for free.

Step Four:

Cover the wooden blocks and metal bookends with moderate amounts of Gorilla Glue, as shown above. Don't get too close to the edges or it will seep out. Gorilla Glue foams and expands as it's clamped, which makes for a strong hold, but a messy final product if you're not careful when applying the glue.

Step Five:

Once everything is all glued into place, use clamps to press it all together as the glue sets up. You should use scrap lumber as a buffer between the book and the clamps or the clamps will leave indents in your book. I made the mistake of not doing this, and got some pretty visible denting, especially on my orange book. Thankfully the dents aren't noticeable on my shelves.
Now you can enjoy the beauty of your book collection without the burden of seeing ugly metal book ends. If you have other ideas on making this a better project, please let me know! For more ideas, click here!