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When you're out and about and you find yourself ordering a cocktail before happy hour, I'd like to recommend a Tom Collins. While it's true, I am a bit of a citrus guy,this is a perfectly crisp alcoholic beverage when you want something nuanced to take the edge off without slurred speech and a monstrous bar tab.
You need to first order a Vodka Tom Collins. Do this so that the bartender doesn't make a traditional TC that's made with gin.
Second, if you want to raise the sweetness and the vodka content, make it yourself using Jolly Rancher infused vodka! This comes to you as a co-lab with @DaniaChicago, who does DIY like nobody else. Today, she shared the secret to candy-infused vodka using Jolly Ranchers, which you can see by clicking here.
Tom Collins (Vodka version)
1陆 Parts Vodka
1 Part Lemon Juice
戮 Part Simple Syrup
Soda Water
1 Wedge Lemon
Tom Collins (JollyRancher style)
2 Parts Vodka (using @DaniaChicago's Jolly Rancher vodka recipe CLICK HERE)
1 Part Lemon Juice
Soda Water
1 Wedge Lemon
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@rodiziketan hahaha that's why I shared the vodka versions. I don't like gin. 馃槙馃槮馃槪馃槦馃槥馃槼馃樀
yeah I know you don't like gin. I did not like it til last year as well. But if we ever get to meet, I will teach you how to appreciate a good gin and gin based drinks haha.
Cool @rodiziketan I am going to hold you to your promise. Thanks!!!!!
believe me, if you ever find yourself in Slovenia, I will be more than happy to.