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Recently, another Vingler and I talked about doing a collaboration of cards to gain a wider audience in other collections. @DaniaChicago and I are looking to bring relevant content to each and every one of you, while also, dipping our toes into other communities that we might not otherwise look into.
For this card, I wanted to share with you a wedding reception budget-saving trick that is as old as time. And by that, I mean, Biblical times....
Back in the day, the best wine was served first. After, as the guests had well imbibed, the inferior wine was brought out. But that was for the rich and famous. If you were a servant or a trades worker, the best you got was watered down wine. Today, we call it punch.
If you find yourself caught between having a beautiful wedding and a very short guest list OR an 'okay' wedding with a large guest list, the best thing you can do is go back to the basics. Who do you REALLY want to celebrate your union with? Invite those people. You'll be surprised just how many people get crossed off. Next, where is your money really going toward? Booze? Liquor? Nix the bar altogether and either serve one signature cocktail and punch or punch all on its own.
When I say punch, I'm talking about wine punch. However, if you're opposed to alcohol and still want the sparkling effervescence, you can opt for sparkling alternatives like cider. In fact, @DaniaChicago wrote a card on the perfect punch that can be served year-round--regardless of the wedding season you find yourself in. Click here to read her card and exactly how to make it!