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Ever wonder what shampoos professional hairstylist use for color-treated hair? Most professional salon carry several different products at the wash station. Clients have different kind of hair condition but the most common is dryness and color-treated hair. So, the safest choice is to wash with a color-treated shampoo. The reason is really simple, color-treated shampoo is meant for chemically treated hair that needs moisture and nourishment.
Below are five choices hair professional love.
1. Kevin Murphy ANGEL.WASH ($38.95) Hair that is flimsy, fine and dry will find this shampoo nourishing. The shampoo reduces breakage, thickens hair, and has a pH of 6.3 -7.0.
This shampoo is made for for color-locking and preventing fade out with added UV sun protection
Redken has its own hair coloring products, so it makes sense their shampoo line is one of the popular ones in mid to high range salons.
This shampoo has a rosy scent and you'll notice your hair looks softer and more vibrant after one use.
Great for all hair type and seen in most salons. It's my mom's favorite.
The next time you visit a hair salon. Take a peek at what they use at the wash station. Little details like switching up your shampoo can make a big difference to your hair condition.