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TOP & GD MY BFFs brothers from another mother top is literally the guy version of me always knows how to cheer me up and has my back no matter what. GD is super protective and never leaves my side, you should see him if I someone flirts with me lol.. you rarely see us apart if tops there me and gd are sure to follow were like a perfect little family and nothings gonna separate us.
MY LITTLE PUDDING JIMIN He a big goof makes me laugh and definitely one you dont tell your crushes to because hes definitely gonna embarrass you lol we could literally laugh for hours and never take us in public or to any serious event because trust me when were together were like a bunch of crazy 5 year olds .
RAP MONSTER & KOOKIE these two are cute and sweet and know how to make me smile but if you mess with me you'll definitely have to go through them
THE SQUAD A1s since day 1 just a bunch of tough cookies lol
CHANYEOL we literally tell each other everything and anything , so comfortable around him , we both secretly want to be together but way too scared to mess up what we have , we just get each other in a way that no one else understands . we just keep going with the flow and see where life takes us
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