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Don't you hate the moment when you have planned what to watch when you go to bed but at soon as you touch the bed you fall asleep. Because I do hate it.
When I think oh I'm going to finish this anime when I go to bed, because I never sleep anyway. But when you touch the bed your brain is like NOPE I'm tired so I will go to sleep.
I just think "WOW thanks a lot for your help brain, I will never forget the day that you betrayed me. From now on I'm brainless."
This happens to me just when I have a plan of what to do when I get to bed. My brain just says okay is time to sleep. I'm starting to think that my brain hates me. 0_0
But when you want to sleep your brain says, "sleep is for the weak."
WOW are you serious right now!! -_-
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Me and my brain often get into these kinds of arguments
lol, i feel the same way
It happens to me all the time too! I'll be like...yay, going to watch this tonight and 2 mins later I'm fast asleep...LOL. It's okay though, the brain is just taking care of itself. Hahaha.
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