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This one is for @Danietate. There is ur dimple man. I wanted a pic with his dimples. But he looked so fine in this pic. Jesus. U have amazing taste. Also cause i thought you might like it @B1A4BTS5ever
Heres original cause he seriously looks so fine in this pic. And two others cause it was hard to choose just one.
I just love your edits they are awesome will it be to much to ask if i could be tagged in you edits (doesn't have to be in the card can be in the comments)
@B1A4BTS5ever sure gladly! Im just starting to get used to them. But its cool to have someone able to see progress. Thanx
omg i love it . h3 is so hand some
@b2stan88 u have made my night
@B2STANG88 cool thanks :D