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This took a lot of time and effort and I really hope you guys enjoy it!! If you haven't watched Ouran Highschool Host Club I highly recommend it :D It was the first anime that got me into the anime world. Without further ado... I present to you the K-Idol Hostclub:
TOP as Tamaki Playful, handsome, charismatic, flirty, funny... and sometimes rejected (no kiss for TOP) xD Be sure to check out @poojas card “If TOP was Tamaki” for a VERY accurate comparison of TOP and Tamaki: https://www.vingle.net/posts/992930-K-Pop-Animated-If-TOP-was-Tamaki
Sulli as Haruhi (from the drama "To the Beautiful You") Girl disguised as boy, innocent, cute, and lovable.
Luhan as Honey senpai :3 Older than he looks, adorable, loves animals, loves eating sweets, and has a lot of love to share with others <3
Kai (Kaoru) and Taemin (Hikaru) Sexy, identical, charming, irresistible bromance, and incredible fan-service (the forbidden brotherly love that makes everyone weak at the knees)! Kai (Kaoru) is the younger twin, however he is more mature than Taemin (Hikaru) who can be impulsive, jealous, and very possessive.
Siwon as Kyoya Intelligent, sophisticated, sociable, popular, and charming. Only thing is that Kyoya doesn't have Siwon's humor ;)
Kim Woo Bin as Mori Tall, handsome, strong, protective, and always keeping an eye on those he loves and cares about.
This was SO fun to make, I was honestly shocked at how Luhan is an exact replica of Honey senpai!! xD What was your favorite? And any other suggestions/opinions? The Vingle fam has some really creative ideas and comments so I look forward to hearing your thoughts! ;D
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@ninachan thanks ^_^
Omg yess !!!
I love this card. Everything is sooo spot on
Aww thanks @MariahMaes ! I'm so glad you like it ❤