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This is my doodle of how I see myself... inspired by @TessStevens
I'm tall and athletic even though I don't do sports. (People keep asking me what sport I play). I'm friendly, jovial and fun. I love to play. I have fun butchering the English language (I tell people that I have my own dictionary). I love good comedy and people who make me laugh. I love entertaining people and making people laugh. I like when people are comfortable around me, but if you disrespect me, I'll cut you out of my life in a jiffy! I am a deep thinker (maybe I over think a bit), I'm emotional but I always try to keep my emotions in check. I love having fun. I hate responsibilities but I'm growing that out. I hate cooking, shopping and washing. Well, that's about what I could come up with. Hope you guys like it. @jordanhamilton @alywoah @LizArnone @buddyesd
@jordanhamilton go go go!!! I wanna see it!
These not tears of sadness. All this-cards and comments and you guys(my vingle friends)-give me the feels mayn!
Love it! I need to get to drawing mine like Asap.
I love how in depth you went with this @TerrecaRiley this is awesome I'm so glad you have a strong and positive view of yourself. Thank you for participating in this challenge! I'm a deep thinker too :)
yayayyy!!! i love this sketch of u! you're amazing. i also hate shopping and washing haha
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