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So here's my K-Pop clique. Challenged to me by @kpopandkimchi . Challenge. Accepted. Here we go~
J-Hope We'd be running around, screaming, being goofy, I'd be scaring the shit out of Hobi with my impression of the grudge with my long ass black hair and creepy smiles.
Ken He'd be running and screaming with me and Hobi, cracking corny gags and cracking up all the time. Ooooooottokajiiiii~?
Amber Amber is female bae.
D.O We're both evil little shits who would be ruining everyone's lives. He is my spirit animal.
Sehun We'd be cracking up at everyone's misfortune.
Soyou Bitch, we're fabulous.
Nam Joo Hyuk Fabulous selcas every where~
Park Bo Gum Mmph. That's all I can say.
OBVIOUSLY Baekhyun The bae. No words needed.
YES YES YES LET ME IN YOUR GROUP HAHAHAHAH I was scrolling and was like "j-hope? yes. jaehwan? yes. kyungsoo? YES" hahaha
YAS Park Bo Gum YAS 10,000% agree with this list, it's perf xD
@kpopandkimchi ah~ I suppose I have another spot in my crew LOL jk jk, join us~ @najalong1998 Park Bo Gum is utter perfection, he's beautiful lol