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I, Terreca Renaie Riley, on this day August 11,2016, hereby sign this contract with myself. I will resort to thinking positively and complain less, thus making things easier for my husband. I must also honor and respect his request of giving him more compliments. I will learn to satisfy with what I have so as to curb my appetite and live within my means. I will demand much of myself but will NOT pressure myself to meet my goals. I will go at it one step at a time. I will not allow people's negative comments me affect me. I will always remember that I control my emotions, not other people. I will stop seeking the approval of those who don't care about my feelings. Nothing good comes of it. I will grow at my own pace and make my own plans. I will listen to my husband and respect his opinion, and will always put him before me. Before I do anything else, I MUST commune with God first. I agree that I have read and understood to the best of my ability the above statement. Signed, T.R.Riley(Mrs)
@ReggieWhitehead well, he it's my inspiration. He's my respect coach-I respect him because he respects me and I need to treat him better because he deserves it
well said and hope your husband notice the love and respect you show and give it to you a💯 times more!!
Grow at your own pace, one step at a time. I like it, lady :) you go girl.
Thanks girl. I always appreciate the words of encouragement... For both of us...
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