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That's right. No hair elastics. No Bobby pins.

Only one pencil!

This is a genius hair hack to hold your hair up during class, at work or at home. It's as easy as twisting and weaving the pencil through.
Let's start with the office bun. Gather your hair in a mid pony. Hold on to your hair and twist it into a bun shape. Take a pencil and weave it through your bun.
I love Makeup Wearables. She always have a lot of amazing and unique hairstyles. She doesn't fail to impress us with seven unconventional buns using a pencil. Take a look a the video for full instructions!
Top Knot with a pencil. This vlogger uses a similar method as the office bun except she pulls her hair into a high ponytail before twisting. If you prefer a cute top knot, you can try this version! It look super cute with a hoodie.
Finally, we have half up bun. The diagram above uses a scrunchie to hold your half ponytail but you can ditch the hair tie and replace it with a pencil. The result should be similar to the first picture in this card, except in a half-up fashion.
I always wanted to do it but I had too much hair haha
I know what you mean. My sister also have a lot of hair but it still works! you just have to find the right way to weave through the bun. :)