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I was tagged in this by @KpopGaby ~ Thanks man :D I'm exciteeed lets goo!
1. My first bias when stanning BTS was Jungkook <3
2. My current bias still remains as golden maknae Jungkookiie!
3. I love AALLL of the Bangtan Bombs but my absolute favorite one is Let's Speak English! "You very dirty water."
4. I absolutely love every single BTS song but the one that's always on replay is Miss Right
5. My bias wrecker is everyone. I'm so deep in this group everyone just ruins everything. D: why. But Suga, oh suga. Recently, he's been the biggest wrecker
6. ...*cough* Jungkook appears the most..
7. My favorite BTS MV .. this one is also hard every video is perfect..if I really had to pick it'd be Just One Day
8. BTS choreography.. Dope is super dope yknw.
9. I dance to I Need You or Boy In Luv the most xD (they're sort of easy ..)
10. I have been an ARMY since day 1.
11. I'll chose Dark and Wild or Skool Luv Affair as my favorite. D: i can't choose
12. My favorite album art has to be The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1
13. I would choose... Jungkook.. xD so hard.
Well if you got to the end I hope you enjoyed xD.. As you can see I'm very decisive and can't choose LOL. Thank you @KpopGaby for tagging me this was super fun :D