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Army challenge
1. Jungkookie 2. Min freaking Suga!! 3. It's tricky dance or Jenga 4. Boy in luv 5. J-hope 3 6. Taehyung, squishy cuddles :3 7. Dope currently 8. No more dream 9. No more dream cause it's fav. 10. Since Dope MV 11. To hard to choose Hun to hard 12. Oh lawd hard.... Skool luv affair I guess.. 13. Suga oh bb
did you come up with this and if so do you want to be tagged into a card when someone did it
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@amandamuska I did not :( i forgot who I originally saw it posted by. A lot of the people I've talked to did it and so I joined in. I've seen it on Instagram too recently
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