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So as I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to start chapter 4, I decided to listen to different groups, look up memes on the internet, and completely procrastinate with this chapter staring at me. I believe I have listened to every EXO, Bigbang, VIXX, Gackt song that was ever made, today. So now I decided to make a card of random memes I have found!! This works out for all of us.
Ladies, ^ They will be your tutors this year for school. . .
When you feel like Kris is judging you, no worries because He is 100% Judging you.
This meme will never get old ever
Hopefully I can figure out how to continue. My best advice to myself is to listen to music! Music is Inspiring. But this meme is a great explanation of how my sentences are structured at this moment!!