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Yoo Ahn-In: The Leader
Park Seo Joon: The MacGyver
Kim Hyun Soo: The Vocalist
Kim Young Kwang: The Crooner
Sung Joon: The Dancer
Song Jae Rim: The Lover
Ahn Jae Hyun: The Visual
Lee Min Ki: The 4D
Kim Woo Bin: The Rapper
Lee Hyun Woo: The Maknae
Beware!!!! Their talent is irresistible and though they are not criminals, they are known to steal hearts worldwide.
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@poojas Yeah. I had so much fun putting them together and now I want to really see them as a unit too. Can you imagine Kim Woo Bin's rapping with his voice and expressions? I feel like him would spit verses that would be 💯and beyond.
omo, I love them all holly shit Jae Rim, Jae Hyun, and Min Ki are ma favs
@CandaceJordan I would pass out if I hear Kim Woo Bin rap. This would be one amazing group!
you've ruined my life with this. at one point or another on my drama journey I have vowed to give my in exchange for theirs 😍😍
@Kamiamon I told they steal hearts left and right! Could you imagine them killing it on stage plus all of the feels they would give fans with their friendship, brotherhood, kindness, and stunner looks? le sigh.... LOLOLOLOLOLOL