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I'm just checking for opinions here. I recently read about a man who was expelled from Washington and Lee University because he was accused of raping a girl (not proven) and now he is suing the University because of it.
I read a lot of commentary about the case on reddit, but of course, the commentary is following typical reddit fashion and pulling out the "this is why there needs to be a way to stop false accusations" focus.
But does anyone know anything about this case? Reading the article I'm inclined to believe the guy here (it seems like the girl simply got jealous of him moving on from her, and then said that she had been raped even though she had originally consented to sex).
Still, I don't like to blindly believe these things and the majority seems to be doing so....anyone else have any thoughts about the case?
Either way, the main takeaway for me here is that schools should not be playing a part in deciding the guilt of someone in cases like this. They should play a role in taking action IF the person is proven guilty, and also taking action to prevent sexual assault, but they should not responsible for the trial. We've seen too many times how that can go badly.
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@alywoah honestly since I don't know much about the case there's not much I can say about this particular example. However, there have been numerous cases where people have been raped by someone at their school, and the victims have been forced to leave, which I think it absurd and cruel. Rapists often repeat their offenses. And these are crimes that unfortunately happen very often at colleges, and the schools themselves aren't doing enough (in policy or actions) to change this. In fact, there have been cases of colleges interfering with the justice system by penalizing victims who want to go forward with a case. So whether we like it or not, schools are already involved. I think schools need to implement policies that state if someone is accused of a horrible crime like this, they should be suspended pending investigation. If this student was being accused of murder, no one would blink an eye at a suspension. I do worry that this would seem like an incentive to make a false accusation, but false accusations are incredibly rare and the stigma attached to being a victim is still far greater.
@shannonl5 what are ur thoughts on this