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This girl CAN workout. This girl CAN be strong. This girl CAN do sports. This girl CAN do anything!

(and so can anyone else, lol!!! Guys gals, everyone!!)
I found this post when it was shared to my FB feed by a page called "Gym Bitch" (I don't follow that page lol) and it had been given the caption:
"Finally a motivation video without fitness models, but with ordinary girls!"
And people in the comments were not happy about the fit shaming!!!
The caption was well intended, I'm sure, but once again it brought back the idea that one type of girl wasn't 'okay' to be supporting (fitness models! they're girls too!) But I was so confused because the video itself totally didn't support that message--there were girls who are curvy, who are skinny, who are very muscular, etc. etc.!
So I found the REAL creator of the video and am happy to know that the video really was created to actually show that all people, or all shapes and sizes, can do anything!
What a great message.
This is awesome and actually super inspiring! Sometimes I feel women are discouraged about going to the gym because there is a culture of body-shaming. But this shows women encouraged and powerful again. Love it!
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH ! thanks a million for posting this card. every single body type can be strong and amazing!! Sports are the best thing thats ever happened to me and no one should feel left out because of stupid society and body shamming!
@nicolejb YESS!! Exactly! @LizArnone no probs :) I had to share it as soon as I found the original video lols! You can be big or small or c urvy or a stick and be fit or not fit...the focus should be on fitness and acivity not on the size of the person doing it!! @amaham Awesome!! This made me want to go workout, too :)
I love this! I tell my friends just because I'm thin doesn't mean I'm fit. Very inspiring to get moving. I loved the hurt so good moment.