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This commercial may not be 100% authentic (I mean, it is a commercial after all!) but it really makes you think.

What will happen to future generations' feelings about nature?

I think this commercial is showing the extreme. My dad grew up loving videos while also loving being outside, and I did as well. I do see some of my cousins who seem to prefer the screen to the outdoors, though, and it is worrying.
Hover parents exist now (they did then, too, but now they keep them indoors). Police arrest parents for letting their children play unsupervised in the neighborhood. The only time a kid can recreate is if they're in the house under parental supervision, and that generally leaves video games.
I'm not saying all kids are being raised this way, really I know they aren't, but it's worrying that the trend seems to be pushing us all that way.
Shouldn't we want every kid to know the joy of the outdoors? To feel what it's like to get a skinned knee and have an adventure?
Take a kid hiking. It doesn't have to be hard. Or, just camp out in the yard. Just do something with a kid in your life, outdoors! Please.