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Following Kelly Osbourne's comments about Latinos, Rosie Perez shut down Osbourne's comments. Immediately after making the comments live on television, Osbourne immediately regretted it and cried hysterically during the commercial break. She was worried that she would be seen as racist. Osbourne has a since apologized for her insulting comments -- both on Facebook, Twitter, and on Extra.
However, there was a new spin on things -- there is speculation that ABC executives had actually demanded Rosie Perez to apologize to Osbourne, for cutting her off during the show. Perez refused.
Apparently, Perez stormed out and said, "kiss my ass!"
But there seems to be a conflict in what actually happened. According to another source, there was no screaming match, and Rosie was already scheduled to leave the show on August 5th. I wonder...what actually happened?
A Third source tells E! News, "Kelly did not cry, scream or an ask for an apology. She took responsibility for her words." (E! News)
Welp, welcome to the world of celeb drama.