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From the Metroid game series. Cosplayer is Jenni Källberg.
A fictional character and the protagonist of the Metroid science fiction action-adventure game series by Nintendo. She was introduced in the 1986 video game Metroid. Samus Aran is an ex-soldier of the Galactic Federation who turned into a Galactic bounty hunter, usually fitted with a powered armor suit with weapons that include directed energy weapons and missiles. Throughout the series, she executes missions given to her by the Galactic Federation while hunting the antagonistic Space Pirates and their leader Ridley along with the parasitic energy-draining organisms called Metroids. Samus has appeared in every Metroid video game and has also been featured in media outside of the series, including the comic book version of Captain N: The Game Master and the Super Smash Bros. series. She is well known as one of the earliest female protagonists in video game history and has remained a popular character over a quarter-century after her first appearance. (Wikipedia)
man, this cosplay is super on point. Samus has always been a favorite character of mine, and metroid is one of my favorite video game franchises. Metroid Prime, man, that game was dope as hell.
@VinMcCarthy So far, I think no one comes as close to resembling Samus as Jenni. Amazing!
@shannonl5 mine too but I could never get her combos right lol
@buddyesd she's always been one of my favorites :D
@shannonl5 especially ivy ;)
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