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I like kpop and don't think I'll stop liking kpop. and I'm happy when I meet ppl who like kpop too. but at time I just don't feel like sharing with other non kpopers.
somtimes I love to watch ppl expressions when they see my interest in kpop
Expecially if it's ppl I k and they r not into kpop and then start to like them. it's hard to share somthing u like this much. I'm fine sharing with other kpop ppl just idk y at times I dont like sharing with outside world.
But wither way I'll be welcoming newbies mybe not be willing to share at first but eventually I'll get there. where I'll share haha but who's even asking my permission for u to get into kpop. no one lol so welcome all Newbies to where there is no turning around and going back to ur old life!!!
yes . yes it is @veselovskayavic
@veselovskayavic i feel u on that one im not good wit nonkpoppers. wit new people im very stand offish
@DanieTate yes it's a very difficult life style