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KPOP DID IT! On a side note now I'm getting more hate on IG. Smhhhhhhh
Someone spilled hateradee and saaaaaalt
I also had trouble with people but on twitter, they said that we were Immature and that K-pop sucks, some said that T-ara were Taiwanese whores, some said "What is K-pop? no body knows kpop, not even America and South America". Some even said racist stuff like, "why would I listen to these Ling Ling girls I can't even understand that's not normal, that's why I only listen to my boys that I understand", they also threw some profanity here and there. Someone called me 'looser' because we cheated and here where my responses: 1. Actually, you guys are the one beign Immature calling K-pop fans (Queens in specific) cheaters. 2. T-ara are not whore and they're not even Taiwanese, if you're gonna bash someone at least know their background. 3. Actually, just like your 'boys' are known worldwide, so is K-pop, people in America and South America do actually know K-pop, know your facts, btw... I live in America and I know K-pop, and you say America doesn't know K-pop... What am I them, a potato? (K-pop/ block b reference) 4. Ok, now that's rude and racist, I don't call your boys stupid Brits so chill... BTW music has no language barrier (another K-pop reference/GD), and also we may not understand what they are saying, that's why there's this thing called 'Subtitles', plus English is not the only language in the world and why would I want to be normal like everyone else when I can be myself and love K-pop, and its not weird, but you'll never understand that, btw whats your definition of normal. 5. We didn't cheat it and I have proof ***(i showed them a picture of the person pretending to be a T-ara fan saying that they cheated and then they got caught that they were actually directioners)***, and if your gonna call me names at least spell it right, its actually 'Loser' not 'looser' and even K-pop fans know that (BIGBANG reference)... I was trying to hold my anger but I couldn't hold it in any longer so I gave my mature enough answers... lol xD
@mattk95 dude they're all 8th graders. The ones who I've been fighting. I brought out the big guns though, AP English vocabulary xD
@minionpeach17 It really was too much they even started to make fun of EunB and RiSe's passing away... That was seriously too far and too low to even... I don't even know
and omg i know that sounded rude I'm not trying to be that rude but cutting is serious and they treat it like nothing (I'm tired my filter isn't on)
@minionpeach17 i know exactly what you mean I hate when they're like you can't even understand them, music isn't about the lyrics its about the feelings. I mean people listen to classical THAT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE LYRICS. Idk i cant bother with those immature type of people. They were just so annoying though I hadn't even posted any hate and they still attacked me. oh well this is what you get from people who "cut for zayne"
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