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KPOP DID IT! On a side note now I'm getting more hate on IG. Smhhhhhhh
Someone spilled hateradee and saaaaaalt
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and omg i know that sounded rude I'm not trying to be that rude but cutting is serious and they treat it like nothing (I'm tired my filter isn't on)
@majesticx right??? it was so annoying to the point that I thought 'you can fix ignorance but you can't fix stupidity' and I'm sorry if I came out rude too, but that was just too much...
@minionpeach17 It really was too much they even started to make fun of EunB and RiSe's passing away... That was seriously too far and too low to even... I don't even know
*sighs* Billboard won't let me vote twice~ Fighting, Queens!
@majesticx ikr... I saw that too... this is getting way out of hand...