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@JeanPaulGaleano I really hope so! I'm sure they're waiting to release the trailer until the summer movie hype dies down... maybe we'll see something at NYCC?
@shannonl5 Yeah that would definitely be awesome I'm really looking forward to the newS about NYCC
@JeanPaulGaleano me toooo! I'm sad because I can't go this year but I have friends who are going and they'll be my eyes and ears there XD I assume you've seen the ant-man post credits scene by now?
@shannonl5 I really wish I could go to New York but I'm on the west coast :P and Yes I have seen the ant-man credits scene god that movie was amazing
@JeanPaulGaleano it was WAY better than I expected it to be. I think it's actually my favorite superhero movie this year which was NOT what I expected. And yeah that post credits scene made me all kinds of upset. I'm both ready and extremely not ready for Civil War haha