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I was standing there still with a brisk smile Watching and waving at the moments passing by As she swayed and entered in this life I felt a beat in heart which glows like divine I held her hand, she was smiling And I stood watching in her eyes with the images piling The essence I had my lungs filled with Was making my head a little tilt As I was searching for it all the way around But the essence was diminishing, nowhere to be found With that smile I could then feel a soft touch And I was hypnotised in a second to be succumb It felt like heaven in my hell As I could see her very well There she was looking immensely beautiful in all her ways As her black shiny hair were dancing to wind's sway Her soft red lips lipsing a name And the way she stood with her head high with no shame As a peacock of beauty, she carved the perfect image And I wish to halt those running moments As slowly and slowly she was fading away and begone As the opening of my eyes wasn't taking long My dream just broke into pieces As I felt my heartbeats to cease Cause she was my beats and as she was gone My heaven had fallen into the arms of hell making me a pawn Hades wrapped me instead of her And my life as her prince was to an end But my divine light still glows As her blood in my veins still flows
I love this!
Thanks a lot. :)