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Damnit Hi-Lite......The beat is good. But all of a sudden B-Free raps like Keith Ape? B-Free's rap isnt clicking for me.....idk it just isnt for some reason. I said I didn't like this but the chorus is stuck in my head. And I can't help it....I like Play$tar. He raps in mostly English but it's all good. The remix of No Flex Zone where he featured with Okasian is like mah jam. His verse in this is crazy and borderline ridiculous but it's stuck in my head... Uuuuuuggghhh damnit Hi-Lite. I don't wanna like this but I think I might like it. Guilty pleasure track?? (´ヮ`)
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I liked play$tars part and b-free but I think they should have brought someone else on the song besides the other guy and I agree I love the no flex remix its amazing