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Today I woke with butterflies because with the change of the seasons, it's just that much closer to my 2016 wedding! I am thrilled and scared and feel like there are millions of things to do and settle before the big day!
Then I found this cute tutorial on how to make your own bridal bouquet. If you didn't see it before, I talked about spraying my flowers blue since it's a Tiffany Blue wedding theme that I am doing. You can click here to see it. But with this tutorial, I can spray the flowers and build it myself--saving a ton of money! Here's how you can do it too:

Step 1:

Collect Supplies. These are the flowers, embellishments like birds, berries, brooches, and floral tape and ribbon.

Step 2:

Start from the center and build the floral base of your bouquet. Work your way out by adding more and more flowers.

Step 3:

Wrap the stems with floral tape. Use as much as you need to make it feel secure. The floral tape should go where ever you plan to wrap the ribbon. The ribbon will eventually hide it completely!

Step 4:

Add accent piece such as feather birds (they have wires underneath that can secure them onto blooms) or feathers.

Step 5:

Wrap the base of your stems (over the floral tape) with a pretty ribbon. As an accent, you can tie some lace too.
This is what the end result looks like. While this is a smaller bouquet than what I would do for myself, the steps and process is still the same. Simply add more flowers. The birds are super cute, however!
Another idea, is to get the bridesmaids and matron of honor together to build the bouquets together the day before. That is, as long as you have everything else done and there's not last-minute drama!
For more tutorials, click here!
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I like this card a lot. I shared a diy on this a couple days ago, but I like your pictures better than mine. @daniachicago make sure you share photos of your wedding with us on Vingle!