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If you're a bride and struggling like me to find just the right guestbook for your wedding, here's a great way to capture more than just a registry of names in a unique and fun way that both you and your guests will love.
It's not the newest idea out there, but it's still pretty popular and I LOVE IT!

It's easy to do, painless and won't cost a lot of time or money.

While you can use a Polaroid camera for this, finding one and the photo paper that goes with it is virtually impossible to find. People today are using the Fujifilm Instax camera and paper. You can find this at craft stores and online for really great prices. Photo paper comes in bundles too, which keeps costs low.

Supplies Needed:

Instant camera (and paper)
Expandable photo album
Acid-free marker
Cute backdrop (optional)
Embellishments (optional, to decorate the outside of book)
1. Decorate the outside of your guestbook, if you like. This is optional.
2. Set up a cute backdrop at your ceremony before the wedding begins. This is where your guests will enter and take photos. This is optional, however.
3. Take photos of your guests with the instant camera and immediately give to the guest(s) to view. They can move to another station (or table) and write their name(s) on it with a blessing or note.
4. Guest then moves to another table where it can be added to the guest book.
At the end of the day, you will have a fun, unique and beautiful guest book full of beautiful pictures of your guests, their names and beautiful notes and blessings! What a treasure that you will get to keep and cherish forever. Plus, while you're waiting four months to get your professional photo album, you will still have something to look at from your wedding!
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what a terrific idea to keep the wedding unique, chic and relatively inexpensive! !!