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Oh lord. Just checked my schedule for my final quad classes, and noticed that the Chair over my field study wanted me in certain classes. I express the word (certain) When i looked at it thoroughly, I noticed she is the professor of one of the classes. Trap? I BELIEVE SO!
A fun fact about me is that, I am a perfectionist in everything I do, every assignment has to 100% up to par for me, or I will erase evrything and start over. So this final semester I will be going out with a bang.
I have a cold feeling that I will look like Seungri by the 2nd week of class. I can honestly say I'm not ready. . .
Kevin Hart will be my gif explaining how ready I am.
Haha! Looks like I'm going to find out about the trap.
Maybe if I can be like Shindong, she'll have mercy upon me. . . So I would like to ask for everyone to keep me in your thoughts, and if I'm not heard from for weeks, then send Kim Joon or a task force to find me under a mountain of termpapers! XD
So these memes will be self explanatory. . . Gotta get a School playlist of Kpop songs to keep myself sane!
I will!!!
@nandini0910 No problem Dear!! Let me know how your first week goes, will you! ^~^
Thank you for the advice! I'll keep it in my mind!!! 😀
@nandini0910 That is wonderful dear!! Awe I know it can be scary! But it won't take long for you to enjoy it. Yes. Think ahead of time for your assignments, on your term paper, it's always good to start the research paper right when you get the assignments, do not stall and wait until the last minute. It'll be so much smoother if you have time to gather your thoughts.. If you have any problems, use the school's tutoring program if they have one available. Don't be afraid to ask your professor for help, that's what you pay them for. No, unfortunately I haven't here. I wish I did. Stay calm! Index cards will be your bbest buddy when you are studying.
I am starting college in 2 weeks!!! First year!!! Scared and excited at the same time!!! Do you have any advice you would like to share? Have you found any kpop/kdrama/anime buddies?
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