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So I decided to play a game that I used to play with the fans on an EXO fan page. If this has a good result and you guys like it, then I'll continue this game or create more ^^
How to play:
-I will write a verse (piece of lyrics) of any K-Pop song **Note: they'll be Korean lyrics**
-Your job is to guess the song (please also add name of the group since most groups have same titled songs)
-I will reward 3 winners (RANDOMLY) with correct answers.
-Rewards can be the following: MV, photo or Imagine requests. (You don't have to request for any if you wish and for those requesting for Imagine, note that it will take me a while to come up with ideas so you'll have to message me and flood with ideas, okay?)
I'll start the game now, so ready, set, GO!
Romae gamyeon romaui beobeul ttaraKkomaneun jeogi eommaui pume garyeom
Gyeongjireul bomyeon ne hyeonsireul kkaedara
Jageun kkomaya eoseo eommaui pume garyeom
Bitch naneun neomchyeonaneun
Juljul heureuji yeonggamui woncheon hananeun
Naneun nuga bwado mopsi jjeoreo
Sure jjeoreo they tell me ye suriya jjeoreo
You should put the hangul too ^^
@montha91 Well I thought y'all should have some fun :)
I love this. It's so fun. Lol
GD & TOP new song Zutter from the MADE album "E"
TOP & GD Zutter
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