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In that place beyond the pavement Where the rubber rips the road Somewhere out there Eyes aren't so cold You can see beyond the landscapes And how lovers look so bright Out behind the staircase There's even natural light The hardest part is taking things slow Things in my mind seem to tow The line of right and wrong The whimsy of a song But somewhere out there There's a land where everything's new But some people never see it And always remain blue Somewhere beyond the pavement Everything's true Nobody lies And there may be hope too.
@TessStevens your writing style has a musical quality to it. I can almost hear music as I read this. It's great :)
@buddyesd thank you! I've always thought that good writing is like good music so this is a really high compliment! Thanks!
@TessStevens I remember in school they mentioned something about rhythm in poetry (I don't remember too clearly slept a lot) and yours has a natural feeling beat to it